The Proper Steps to Mold Removal for Homes in Manassas, VA

Whenever you are faced with mold growth in your Manassas, VA home, you need to take care of the problem immediately. Mold removal is essential for the structure of your home as well as for the health of your family.

Mold removal in Manassas, VA is an entirely different scenario for each home even though the removal process stays the same. Below are typical mold removal steps.

  1. Assessment—A careful inspection of your Manassas, VA home for visible signs of mold will take place as well as various technologies used to detect unseen mold behind drywall and under flooring and the hidden water source that is causing your mold growth.
  2. Containment—Various containment procedures will be used to avoid the spread of mold throughout the rest of your Manassas, VA home. Negative air chambers may be used to isolate the contaminated area with physical barriers and negative air pressure to keep mold spores from spreading throughout the cleanup process. Your fans and heating and cooling system will also need to be turned off during the mold removal process to prevent the mold spores from spreading throughout your Manassas, VA home.
  3. Air Filtration—Specialized equipment such as powerful “air scrubbers” and HEPA vacuums are used to prevent mold from spreading during the mold removal process.
  4. Removing Mold Damaged Materials—Special treatments are used to eliminate mold colonies and to help new colonies from forming. Porous materials, including drywall and carpeting that have become mold infested, may need to be disposed of at proper disposal sites.
  5. Cleaning—Furniture, curtains, clothing and other items affected by mold will be cleaned and disinfected with special cleaners during the mold removal process at your home in Manassas, VA.
  6. Restoration—Depending on the amount of damage, drywall and carpeting and other items may need to be replaced.

Whatever issues you are having with mold, you can call the experts at Envirotex for all your environmental needs. We will be glad to come and take a look and explain to you in full detail what is involved during the mold removal process for your specific home in Manassas, VA.

Step-by-Step Process of Black Mold Removal for Manassas, VA Homes

Black mold removal at homes in Manassas, VA should always be left up to the professionals such as Envirotex Environmental Services. Black mold releases lethal mycotoxins spores which can be extremely harmful and sometimes fatal to family members.

Before any black mold removal, the water intrusion problem at your Manassas, VA home, which is causing the black mold, needs to be fixed; otherwise, the black mold will only return.

There is a step-by-step process that involves using specialized equipment and cleaning agents for black mold removal to be done correctly. These steps include—

Protective Clothing—The black mold removal team will come prepared with special coveralls, shoe coverings, gloves, and respirator masks to protect themselves from airborne mold spores. Residents of the Manassas, VA home will be asked to leave until it is safe to return.

Containment—The work area where the black mold is growing will be contained to prevent cross-contamination of mold spores to other areas of the Manassas, VA home.

HEPA Air Scrubbing—Air scrubbing machines are used to clean the air. These air scrubbing machines are known as HEPA filters and are designed to capture 99.97% of all airborne and microscopic mold spores that pass through the filters. This step of the black mold removal process helps to improve air quality where the scrubbers are placed and prevent mold spores from shifting to other rooms of your home in Manassas, VA.

Removal of Contaminated Materials—Any black mold-contaminated materials will be carefully removed so as not to stir up additional mold spores. These materials will be put in heavy plastic bags which will later be disposed of at a proper disposal facility.

Antimicrobial Cleaning—As part of the black mold removal process, contaminated areas in your Manassas, VA home are cleaned with antimicrobial cleaning agents which kill mold growth.

Vacuuming & Work Area Cleanup—The final process of black mold removal involves vacuuming with a special HEPA vacuum. Another antimicrobial wiping of surfaces where some of the mold spores may have settled in the work area will be performed again.

Call the professional team at Envirotex, and they will be happy to come to your home and give you a plan for black mold removal. Remember, black mold removal should always be left to the professionals.

What to Anticipate During Mold Removal in Manassas, VA

Once you find mold in your Manassas, VA home, you need to hire an environmental specialist such as Envirotex who will draw up a plan for mold removal. Most likely, you will not have access to certain areas of your home during the mold removal. This is for your protection.

Problems can arise once you have mold growing inside your Manassas, VA home. Mold spores can enter your home through open doorways, windows, and heating and air conditioning systems. Spores from the outside can also attach themselves to animals, shoes, clothing, bags, and much more. For mold to thrive and grow, it needs moisture and a food source. Food sources include wood, paper, cardboard, wallpaper, leather, fabric, upholstery, grout, drywall, insulation materials, carpet, and ceiling tiles.

What can you anticipate during mold removal at your home in Manassas, VA?

  1. Mold Containment—Plastic will be hung and sealed with tape to contain the areas of the home where mold resides. This keeps the mold contained from the rest of the house.
  2. Air Filtration Set Up—An air filtration device which is like a big fan with a HEPA filter is set up to remove any airborne mold particles. This device removes most mold spores and dust particles.
  3. Mold Removal—Materials that contain mold such as drywall and carpet typically will be completely removed from the Manassas, VA home and placed in trash bags and later disposed at the proper facilities.
  4. Cleaning—Mold contaminated surfaces are carefully scrubbed with specialized cleaning solutions. Walls, baseboards, and floors are vacuumed with specialized HEPA vacuums until all the dust is gone.

Any repairs such as replacing the carpet or hanging new drywall will need to be handled by a separate contractor.

An environmental company such as Envirotex will be able to tell you where your mold growth is coming from and advise you on what needs to be done to fix the problem so that once the mold removal is completed at your home in Manassas, VA, it won’t come back.

Call Envirotex at the first signs of mold growth inside your home in Manassas, VA and schedule mold removal as soon as possible. Mold growth can be hazardous to the health of your family and needs to be taken care of immediately.

Why It’s Best to Leave Mold Growth to a Mold Removal Company in Northern, VA

Dealing with mold can be extremely dangerous if you are not familiar with the type of mold growing in your Northern, VA home. A small amount of mold can be removed by the homeowner, but anything more should be left to a mold removal company such as Envirotex. Envirotex has been in business since 2000 and offers environmental services including—

  • Mold Testing and Remediation
  • Asbestos Testing and Remediation
  • Meth Labs and Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup
  • Lead Paint Testing and Remediation
  • Demolition

Hiring a mold removal company when you notice mold growth in your Northern, VA home is essential to eliminating the mold and preventing it from coming back in the future. First off, you need to know what is actually causing the mold growth within your home. You may have a leaky pipe inside your walls, it could be from too much humidity, or it could be another issue. Whatever the problem that is causing your mold growth at your home in Northern, VA, a professional mold removal company can advise you on a plan to eliminate the problem altogether.

Mold removal companies are experienced in dealing with all situations and are quick to determine where the problem is coming from. Once assessed and repaired, mold removal will begin. The area containing mold in your Northern, VA home will be isolated so that the mold spores when disturbed and removed do not spread to other areas of the home during the removal.

The mold removal company’s technicians will wear safety glasses, protective clothing, respiratory masks, shoe covers, and gloves to protect themselves against any mold fibers that are released into the air. All family members will be asked to leave the premises until the mold removal company has completed the removal of all mold within your Northern, VA home.

Once the mold removal company is finished, you and your family are free to reenter your home and breath easier knowing that you are breathing cleaner air with the mold removed. A musty, moldy home can play havoc on family members health and should not be taken lightly. At the first sign of any mold growth or musty smell at your Northern, VA home, give Envirotex a call.

Black Mold Removal is Essential To Prevent Health Issues in Alexandria, VA

Black mold grows where there is relatively high humidity. Stachybotrys, better known as black mold, often grows inside. It feeds on materials with high cellulose content such as straw, hay, wood chips, and building materials including, drywall, ceiling tile, wallpaper, insulation backing, and cardboard boxes.

Stachybotrys is the “King of Molds” since it will develop into the dominant mold group if conditions are favorable and crowd out other molds that began feeding on the material first. Black mold takes one to two weeks to begin growing.

When black mold grows on wet materials, the spores don’t disperse easily because they are held together by a sticky and slimy coating. But, once the material dries out or disturbed, the spores spread through the air.

Homeowners or business owners should never attempt to remove or disturb black mold themselves. This should be left to an Alexandria, VA black mold removal company such as Envirotex because they know the importance of containing off the area where the black mold is growing with a poly barrier to prevent the spreading of toxic black mold.

When black mold spreads by releasing spores into your home in Alexandria, VA, most of the contaminated materials must be removed and disposed of properly. This mold doesn’t only grow on the surface but has root-like tendrils called mycelia, which means it can penetrate the surface.

Black mold removal by a professional is essential for your family’s health. Homes in Alexandria, VA whose family members are exposed to black mold may end up with bacterial and viral infections, coughing, skin irritations, and other allergic reactions and possibly cancer.

Call the team at Envirotex, and they will plan out a black mold removal for your home in Alexandria, VA that will be cost-effective, quality work with a priority for you and your family member’s safety at all times.

Besides black mold removal, Envirotex also specializes in asbestos abatement, lead-paint removal as well as air duct cleaning and demolitions. Envirotex is your go-to for any environmental issues you have at home or your business in Alexandria, VA.

Mold Removal and Remediation in Virginia Beach, VA for Mold Growth

Living close to the beach in Virginia Beach, VA is a concern because of the humid climate, and if you take in the beach regularly, that means added moisture in your home from wet towels and bathing suits. Always hang anything damp outside to dry so it doesn’t add extra moisture to your home. Moisture can bring unwanted mold, and unwanted mold growth can require mold removal and remediation.

Mold issues frequently occur following a leak, a flood, or another type of water exposure at homes in Virginia Beach, VA. Identifying the source of where the moisture is coming from is relevant so that once it has been removed, it won’t return. The mold removal and remediation team from Envirotex are experienced in finding the cause of water exposure and can recommend the best way to take care of your problem.

Sometimes you may have mold growth in behind your drywall and can not visibly see it. A mold removal and remediation company from Virginia Beach, VA has the proper equipment to do an in-depth analysis to identify mold and remove the mold from your home. Mold needs to be handled carefully by experienced technicians who are fully protected with special clothing, goggles, gloves, and respirators to protect their health.

Mold removal and remediation experts can come to your Virginia Beach, VA home and explain what options are available and go over different ways to address your mold concerns. An inspection will be done to identify the cause of your mold growth. The experts will then offer you helpful information so you can better understand the underlying cause of the mold growth so that once the mold has been removed, it won’t come back later.

Envirotex, the mold removal and remediation team for Virginia Beach, VA, has the latest technology using infrared camera diagnostic systems to quickly find and identify sources of destructive water damage and any other contributing factors leading to your mold growth problems. Once the mold has been detected a team will come and promptly remove any mold materials that cannot otherwise be cleaned and use special cleaners on areas that can be thoroughly cleaned with chemicals.

Call Envirotex for all your mold removal and remediation needs in Virginia Beach, VA. They are also equipped to handle other environmental requirements such as asbestos testing and removal and testing and removal of lead paint.

Mold Removal Techniques for Homes in Virginia Beach, VA

There are several different techniques for mold removal. The best technique for your mold issues will depend largely on where the mold is growing in your Virginia Beach, VA home.

Scrubbing Non-porous Surfaces

Mold removal for surfaces such as tubs, sinks, toilets, metal, glass, and tile may be scrubbed with an antimicrobial cleaner that is available in most home improvement stores. This type of cleaner may also be used on concrete and brick surfaces, as well, but may be more difficult to clean. This type of cleaner will not work on porous surfaces such as drywall or carpet. Always wear a face mask and gloves for mold removal when using an antimicrobial cleaner. Follow the directions on the label carefully.

Removing and Replacing Porous Materials

Drywall, insulation ceiling tiles and carpets are porous materials. Other soft materials such as couch cushions and mattresses are most likely impossible to thoroughly clean. Once you remove the mold from these particular materials, microscopic mold spores can remain in the pores of these materials causing mold to regrow over the materials.

These materials must be removed and replaced to make sure mold spores don’t spread to other parts of the Virginia Beach, VA home which can expose your family to mold spores and cause health issues. Precautions must be taken by wearing safety gear such as gloves, disposable coveralls and facial masks. Heavy plastic sheeting should be used to section off work areas to keep mold spores from drifting into other areas of the Virginia Beach, VA home.

Moldy materials need to be sealed in heavy plastic bags before removing from the Virginia Beach, VA home. A HEPA filter vacuum should be used to clean up dust and small debris that can be left behind when removing drywall materials.

Wood is another porous material that should be removed if at all possible. Sometimes this isn’t possible. In that case, a mold removal professional sometimes will sand the wood to remove the mold.

Mold removal professionals in Virginia Beach, VA may also use a sealant that resembles paint to seal in the mold so it will not continue to grow. This is called encapsulation.

Homes in Virginia Beach, VA that are dealing with mold issues should call someone like Envirotex who has been in business since 2000. Envirotex has the experience to deal with environmental problems that include mold removal and testing, lead paint testing and remediation, and asbestos testing and remediation. Don’t take a chance with your family’s health; call (757) 918-0639 for all your environmental issues.

Principles of Mold Removal in Virginia Beach, VA

Mold spores are everywhere, and to prevent mold growth, you need to control the moisture at your home in Virginia Beach, VA. Preventing mold growth will require getting rid of leaks, removing any standing water in the home, and venting areas that are prone to condensation such as bathrooms and kitchens. Dehumidifiers and air conditioners should be used in humid weather. Whenever there is mold growth that you can see in your Virginia Beach, VA home you should call in a professional mold removal company.

Sometimes you can have mold in your home and not see it. If you notice a musty smell in your home in Virginia Beach, VA, you should have a mold inspection because sometimes mold can be behind walls and under your carpets where they are not visually noticeable.

A mold removal company such as Envirotex should be called to assess the situation and lay out a plan for the mold removal process. There are basic principles for successful mold removal projects—

  • Safety—Proper safety gear should be worn by professionals when dealing with any type of mold removal. This usually consists of a high quality, filtration face mask, vinyl or neoprene gloves and a full protective suit.
  • Controlling Contamination—The mold removal professionals should seal off the work area using plastic sheeting so the mold spores will not disperse throughout the rest of the Virginia Beach, Va home. Negative air containment should be used by placing blower fans and using air pressure machines to bring clean air into any contaminated areas and push the contaminated air outside the home.
  • Removal of Mold—Building materials such as drywall, insulation, and baseboards with mold growth should be discarded of properly because these materials are usually impossible to restore to their previous condition. An antimicrobial chemical should be used to clean mold stains. Sometimes a mold removal professional will use a sealer or encapsulant to treat areas in your Virginia Beach, VA home that is resistant to mold and water damage, and it also helps with controlling the odor. Hepa filter vacuums and air scrubbers are used to capture mold spore particles. Often times you may have to have your HVAC air ducts cleaned because these can collect dust and mold spores.
  • Remove Moisture Source—The moisture source in your Virginia Beach, VA home needs to be properly taken care of, or you will continue to have mold growth.

Mold removal is vital for the safety of your home’s structure and your family’s health. Call Envirotex and let them help you rid your Virginia Beach, VA home of any mold problems you are experiencing.

Best Practices for Mold Removal in Manassas, VA

The EPA says a do-it-yourselfer can handle mold removal for a mold infected area that is less than 3 feet by 3 feet from homes in Manassas, VA. More than that, a professional mold removal crew should be hired, or you can run the risk of affecting your health and that of your family’s and contaminating other parts of your Manassas, VA home.

Even if you see mold, it is still a good practice to have professional mold testing done. A visual inspection will first be performed. The Manassas, VA professional team at Envirotex uses Thermal Imaging to rapidly detect mold sources that flourish mold growth. Once these water damaged areas are detected and whichever structural issues contributed to your mold infestation can be evaluated, a work plan for mold removal can be put in place for your Manassas, VA home.

Mold Removal Practice

Contain the infected area from the rest of the home in Manassas, VA

  • Quarantining the area is one of the most important practices in mold removal. This protects mold spores from spreading to other areas of Manassas, VA homes. Plastic wrap is taped around all vents and doorways leading into the affected area. A HEPA vacuum is used to suck up loose mold spores from dust before removing any affected materials.

Negative Pressure during Mold Removal

  • Mold removal professionals use expensive blowers and ductwork or a fan blowing out a window to create negative pressure by pulling air from the room and out of the house.

Removing Infected Materials and Disinfecting

  • Any materials contaminated with mold needs to be bagged, sealed and removed from the Manassas, VA home and properly disposed of at proper dumping sites for hazardous materials.


  • Allow the infected area to dry.
  • Drywall or carpet may need to be replaced as well as painting damaged areas.

Sometimes mold can’t be seen, referred to as Hidden Mold. Many times family member start to have health issues which could be a warning sign that there is mold growth in your home in Manassas, VA or you might smell a musty odor.

Anytime you buy a new home or have other signs of possible mold growth; you should always have a mold inspection for the safety of your family. Call the experts at Envirotex for any environmental issues you might have at your home in Manassas, VA including mold removal, mold testing, asbestos removal, and asbestos testing.

Precautions Virginia Beach, VA Residents Use to Prevent Mold Removal

Mold removal is more prevalent in humid climates and when you are close to the water such as in Virginia Beach, VA. People who enjoy the water often forget the precautions they should take to prevent mold growth.

Summertime in Virginia Beach, VA can be extremely humid. Since fall is coming, now is the time to be extra cautious about any mold growth that has formed over the summer months from wet bathing suits, towels, and blankets used for the beach. So often you come in from a day at the beach or lying around the swimming pool and continuously throw your swimming things in a pile on the floor.

Wet clothes after 24 hours, if not attended to, can cause mold growth which can spread and ruin the walls and floors of your Virginia Beach, VA home. It can ruin your clothes as well. A professional environmental company such as Envirotex can handle any environmental issues including but not limited to mold removal.

Precautions for Beach Goers and Poolsiders

  • Proper ventilation can deter mold from growing. Ensure you have plenty of fresh air indoors with good circulation by raising your windows on breezy, sunny days, keeping doors to other rooms ajar, keeping down on clutter and resist cramming furniture too close to the walls. These precautions can prevent the need for future mold removals.
  • Reduce condensation by keeping the indoor temperature higher and the humidity lower with added insulation. Mold breeds on surfaces covered with condensation such as metal pipes, concrete walls, and windows in homes in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • Utilize air conditioners and dehumidifiers to control the temperature indoor while keeping the humidity down. Being close to the beach for some is paradise, especially the vacationers. However, residents of Virginia Beach, VA should be aware that if they fail to take extra precautions during the humid, summer months, it could lead to the need for a professional mold removal. Wet bathing suits, plus extra showers to rinse off from the salty beach water or the chlorine from the pool, and additional damp towels laying around can cause extra moisture which could lead to mold growth.
  • You can save on expensive mold removals by hanging up wet towels and bathing suits to dry, preferably outside, and make sure you have the necessary ventilation throughout your Virginia Beach, VA home. If you allow mold growth to get out of hand and need help, call the experts at Envirotex for all your environmental needs including mold testing, mold removal, asbestos inspection and removal or lead-paint removal for homes in Virginia Beach, VA.