Is All Black Mold Found in Leesburg, VA Homes Toxic?

The answer is no. Just because you find black mold in your Leesburg, VA home does not necessarily mean it is toxic. Black mold has a black pigment by nature and is often thought of as the toxic kind of mold, but that is not always true. Even though black mold may not be toxic, it can still be allergenic.

The most common black mold found in homes in Leesburg, VA is Cladosporium. This common black mold has no known side effects. It can be found both inside and outside of homes in Leesburg, VA. That being said, heavy exposure to black mold may trigger allergy or asthma symptoms.

Stachybotrys chartarum is toxic black mold and is usually dark black or sometimes even dark green. It is highly toxic and commonly found in attics. This particular mold releases mycotoxins, which are toxic chemicals present in mold spores that can be released into the air and then inhaled. For this kind of mold growth, the material would need to be wet for at least 72 hours with consistent moisture for mold to continue to grow.

Mold that is capable of releasing mycotoxins is definitely toxic. Typically, the reason for mold growth in an attic is from improper ventilation. For instance, a bathroom exhaust fan which vents towards the attic, instead of outside the house can produce moist, humid air that filters up to the attic and can trigger black toxic mold growth.

Attic vents that are blocked may also trigger black mold growth. If your attic vents at your Leesburg, VA home are blocked, be sure to turn off the power source before removing the blockage and make repairs. After the mold removal, the attic vent should work to remove the moisture from the attic.

Toxic black mold at your Leesburg, VA home can be hazardous and cause health issues for your family members. The damage to someone’s health depends on the length of exposure and the number of mold spores inhaled.

Toxic black mold should be removed by a professional team such as Envirotex Environmental Services.