Is Asbestos Siding on Homes in Front Royal, VA Dangerous?

Asbestos siding is composed of asbestos fibers that are mixed with Portland cement. Because of its brittleness, asbestos siding is prone to crack and break when nailed. When you nail into asbestos siding on your home in Front Royal, VA, it can release asbestos fibers into the air and the ground. Breathing these fibers can result in lung problems and cancer.

Asbestos cement was developed first in 1905 by the John-Manville company which became the premier manufacturer of cement-asbestos materials. This type of material was used in areas in Front Royal, VA where fire or extreme heat needed to be contained such as chimneys, dormer windows, shingles, skylights, nail holes in the roof, and for protecting posts, walls, beams, and ceilings. The benefits of manufacturing asbestos siding included—

  • Highly fire resistant
  • Resistant to termite damage and rot
  • Easy to clean, but be aware that power washing asbestos siding can easily crack the shingles.
  • Easily paintable because it does not soak up paint like wood and clapboard.

If your asbestos siding on your home in Front Royal, VA is in good condition and you do not want to replace, it is not dangerous. Once you start sawing, ripping or tearing it off the side of your house is when you run into risks to your health. Asbestos siding does not have to be removed just because it contains asbestos.

Asbestos siding is normally found on houses in Front Royal, VA that were built between 1905 to 1960’s. A lot of these homes still exist today. The benefit of asbestos siding is that it is fireproof, just the shingles themselves, not the underlying structure of the house.

There is also a product that is similar called fiber-cement siding. This is different from cement-asbestos siding in that it contains no asbestos. If in doubt of which type you have on your home in Front Royal, VA, call a company such as Envirotex that deals with asbestos and have them come and test your home for asbestos-containing materials. Only then will you be positively sure of the type of siding you have on your home in Front Royal, VA.

If you are considering residing your Front Royal, VA house with vinyl siding, you will first have to have an asbestos abatement company such as Envirotex to remove the old asbestos siding first. A company like Envirotex will have the proper equipment and a professional team that is experienced in asbestos removal.