How to Test for Asbestos in Virginia Beach, VA

It is not recommended that homeowners in Virginia Beach, VA take their own samples to test for asbestos-containing materials. If you suspect your home has asbestos-containing materials call the professionals at Envirotex. They will send their professional team to your Virginia Beach, VA home and do a complete visual of the property and will take several samples of suspected asbestos materials.

There are a couple of different methods to test for asbestos in Virginia Beach, VA homes.

Bulk Asbestos Sampling

Taking a bulk sample for asbestos requires cutting out a small piece of the suspected material from your home in Virginia Beach. Typically, an asbestos professional will spray the material first with water prior to cutting to keep the asbestos fibers from going airborne. The piece of material is then sent to a laboratory to be analyzed. The surface that is left is then patched, sealed or covered to prevent future releases asbestos fibers into the air.

Air Asbestos Sampling

Another method often used to test for asbestos is air sampling. This is used if the asbestos-containing material has been disturbed in the Virginia Beach, VA home, or after asbestos removal to ensure that asbestos fibers were not released into the air. Air sampling is done by pumping air through a filter membrane the size of a quarter to collect asbestos fibers.

These samples will be sent to a third-party lab for analysis. Once the results come back, your environmental company will discuss where to go from there. If you indeed test positive for asbestos, a plan to remove all asbestos materials from the Virginia Beach, VA will be scheduled.

What precautions should be taken if you suspect asbestos?

  • Do not touch the asbestos-containing materials.
  • If in good shape, check often to see look for signs of wear or damage.
  • Limit access to the area where the asbestos is located in the home in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • Never hammer, saw, nail, sand, drill or scrape the asbestos materials.
  • Do not sweep or vacuum any debris that may contain asbestos.
  • Call a professional once you suspect asbestos in your Virginia Beach, VA home.