Prevention and a Mold Remediation Plan for your Home in Northern, VA

Mold needs moisture and food to grow inside your Northern, VA home. Moisture is a key factor that influences mold growth. By controlling the indoor humidity at your home in Northern, VA, you can limit mold growth from attacking your home and destroying its structure. Once mold growth takes over your home in Northern, VA, mold remediation will be necessary.

The goal of mold remediation is to find the source of the moisture issue, fix it, and then to clean up the mold damage. The highest priority in any mold remediation is to protect the health and safety of the family members living in the house in Northern, VA, where mold is a concern. Part of the mold remediation plan should include—

  • A plan to fix the moisture problem so that the mold does not come back?
  • Workers should wear protective clothing at all times during mold remediation at your Northern, VA home.
  • The mold growth areas of the home should be contained.
  • A wet vacuum designed to collect water should be used to remove water that has accumulated on floors, carpets, and other hard surfaces. Carpets need to be pulled up and allowed to dry before reinstalling. The pad underneath must also be dried. Dehumidifiers and fans should be used to accelerate the drying time
  • Hard surfaces should be wiped or scrubbed with special detergents and dried to prevent further mold growth. Porous materials most likely will have to be discarded.
  • A HEPA vacuum should be used in the final cleanup during any mold remediation after the areas have been allowed to thoroughly dry and contaminated materials have been removed.
  • Contaminated materials should be appropriately bagged to prevent the mold spores from spreading through the rest of the Northern, VA home and then taken to a waste site to be disposed of.

Mold remediation should only be performed by qualified, licensed environmental companies such as Envirotex. If you have any questions about mold growth in your Northern, VA home, call the experts at Envirotex and they will be glad to help you.

What to Know About Mold Testing for Homes in Burke, VA

Do you see discoloration on your walls, and does it is seems to be spreading? Do you smell a musty smell that never seems to go away?

Mold looks kind of like cotton and may be gray, black, green, or white in color. Black mold is particularly hazardous, so you should always be on the lookout. But not all black molds are dangerous. That’s where mold testing will answer any concerns you might have about mold being in your Burke, VA home.

Although homeowners in Burke, VA may choose to use a home mold testing kit, what you need to know is not revealed in any home mold testing kit. The only sure way of telling just how bad the mold may be in your home is to have mold testing performed by a professional such as the team at Envirotex Environmental Services, serving the Burke, VA area.

What you Need to Know

  • What type of mold is present in your Burke, VA home?
  • Where is the mold located?
  • Where is the source of moisture in your home in Burke, VA that is causing the mold?
  • What needs to be done to rid your home of mold?

A mold testing professional will test for mold using the latest technology available, including infra-red equipment, borescopes, which view inaccessible areas, moisture meters, and hygrometers, which measures the moisture content in the Burke, VA home.

To be assured of an accurate and unbiased assessment, never hire the same company to do both mold testing and mold removal for your home in Burke, VA. A mold inspection should—

  • Find out where and why excess moisture is coming into your home.
  • Conduct air sampling, bulk sampling and air monitoring and compare the results with normal mold levels.
  • Send samples to an independent lab.
  • Determine whether the family’s health is at risk.
  • If mold remediation is necessary, once completed, a final mold testing should be done to guarantee your mold is gone.

For all your environmental issues, consult the team at Envirotex.

The Best Mold Treatment is Prevention for Homes in McLean, VA

The key factor in mold prevention is controlling the moisture in your McLean, VA home. Once water intrudes into your home by way of a leaky pipe, roof, or possibly a flood or some type of accident, your best mold treatment is to immediately remove any wet items and allow the affected areas to dry out.

By taking extra precautions whenever your house in McLean, VA has an excessive moisture issue, if you can completely dry out the area within 48 hours, you can prevent mold treatments that would be necessary to rid your home of mold growth.

What does a mold treatment at your McLean, VA home include—

  • Containment of the area should be made. Negative air machines should be HEPA filtered and exhausted outdoors. Plastic sheeting should be placed on the floor for any demolition work that might be involved.
  • All workers should use Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Waste materials should be bagged and disposed of following any mold remediation and disposed of at the proper disposal sites.
  • Remove any contents that are not salvageable, which may include couches, chairs, and mattresses. These items may need to be replaced.

As part of any mold treatment for homes in McLean, VA, the excess moisture causing the mold must be addressed, or the mold will only reappear later. This may be done by a construction contractor or HVAC professional depending on where the moisture issue is located. Mold treatment for your home in McLean, VA will only be successful if all moisture issues are handled before the initial mold treatment or it will be an uphill battle and never end.

If you are concerned about mold growth within your home in McLean, VA, call the professional team at Envirotex Environmental Services. They have years of experience in dealing with all things environmentally. Whether your home has been invaded by mold growth, you suspect certain building materials contain asbestos, or maybe you are concerned about lead paint; whatever your concerns, the team at Envirotex are here to help.

Dangers of Black Mold Removal in Alexandria, VA

Black mold, scientifically known as Stachybotrys chartarum and Stachybotrys chorohalonata, affects homes of all sizes in the Alexandria, VA area. The toxic spores from black mold can contribute to various health issues and significantly reduce the air quality inside your Alexandria, VA home.

What should you do when you find black mold growth inside your home? Call the professionals. Black mold removal is dangerous to try to do on your own. You can make the problem worse and put your family at great risk when trying the remove the mold yourself.

Even though there are serious health effects from black mold exposure, enough to avoid DIY black mold removal, there are other reasons to call in the experts such as Envirotex Environmental Services. Mold specialists such as the ones at Envirotex are trained in advanced methods of black mold removal to eliminate all mold in your Alexandria, VA home, as well as identify any hidden problems that you may not be aware of.

Dangers of Handling Black Mold Removal on Your Own Can Lead to—

  • Exacerbate the situation—If not properly contained, when black mold releases spores, it can spread to other areas of the home, making the situation that much worse.
  • Hidden Mold—Black mold can be hiding in places you are unaware of, such as air vents, which require proper treatment for complete black mold removal at your Alexandria, VA home.
  • Improper Equipment—Black mold removal professionals will use an array of high-tech equipment to remove black mold from your home in Alexandria, VA, such as air filters, containment systems, and personal protection gear.

Anytime you are faced with black mold at your home in Alexandria, VA, never attempt black mold removal on your own; always call in the professionals.

Leave it to the experts at Envirotex Environmental Services who have years of experience in dealing with black mold removal and other environmental issues. Trying to remove black mold on your own can do more damage and put you and your family in great danger. Don’t take that chance.