Should You Be Concerned About Asbestos Testing in Virginia Beach, VA?

Asbestos can be found in residential, commercial or industrial buildings built prior to the 1980s in Virginia Beach, VA. You may be wondering when does asbestos become a problem and should you be concerned about asbestos testing for your home or business building. Asbestos was widely used in a variety of building materials including insulation, drywall, plaster, floor tile and more. Most of these asbestos-containing materials are not a problem if they are intact, in good condition, and not going to be removed or destroyed in any way.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so when in doubt, asbestos testing should be done for buildings or homes in Virginia Beach, VA. Something most people take for granted is shingles. You decide you need to replace your shingles on your home or business in Virginia Beach, VA, and it was built prior to 1980. What should you do? Be aware that you could have asbestos shingles and having asbestos testing will provide you with the answers. Being informed protects you, your family or your employees.

Prior to any renovations or repairs that you do in Virginia Beach, VA, before disturbing any building materials, asbestos testing is advised ahead of doing any work on the project. Once you disturb building materials that contain asbestos, these asbestos fibers are then released into the air and become extremely dangerous when inhaled.

You cannot detect asbestos just by looking at it. Any asbestos testing should be done by a professional environmental company in Virginia Beach, VA. Only trained professionals such as the team at Envirotex can identify asbestos. Samples are properly taken and sent off to a lab for analysis.  

Once the results are back from the asbestos testing of your building in Virginia Beach, VA, Envirotex will implement an asbestos remediation plan so that the asbestos can be properly removed from the property. Once the remediation has been completed, an asbestos inspection should be done of the property to ensure the removal was done correctly.  

Asbestos testing and removal should only be done by a Virginia Beach, VA environmental company such as Envirotex. Don’t take a chance by trying to do it yourself. Call Envirotex for all your environmental issues.  

Methods of Asbestos Removal for Homes in Virginia Beach, VA

In September 2018 charges were made against a Virginia Beach, VA Fire Department because of the mishandling of a demolition burn of a vacant home in April 2018. There was no prior asbestos testing, so therefore no asbestos removal occurred, and the burn took place. After the burn, a bulk sample was taken from the remains of the home, and it indeed contained asbestos. Unfortunately, this puts everyone at risk that was close by, especially the firefighters breathing the air around them because of the asbestos fibers in the air. It just goes to show homeowners need to know what materials in their home could possibly contain asbestos.

If your Virginia Beach, VA home was built before 1980 and you decide you want to replace the flooring in the kitchen, know your flooring first. Floorings such as vinyl sheet goods, vinyl asbestos tile, and linoleum in your home that contain asbestos will need a professional asbestos removal company to come and remove it from your home in Virginia Beach, VA.

The methods used in asbestos removal have a lot to do with where the asbestos is found in your Virginia Beach, VA home, what kind of condition the asbestos-containing materials are in, and whether the material is friable or non-friable.

Friable asbestos—crumbles easily or it can reduce to a powder form that can become airborne.

Non-friable asbestos—more tightly bound with another material. Therefore, its fibers are not easily prone to become airborne unless the asbestos-containing material is disrupted such as sanded, cut, sawed, or nailed.

Normally if the materials are in good condition within the Virginia Beach, VA home, not frayed, cracked, or cut, you should be okay just to leave it alone. No asbestos removal should be necessary. But in the case of remodeling, like replacing your kitchen flooring, you might want to be on the safe side and call in the experts, Envirotex, and they can send their crew out to your home in Virginia Beach, VA and do an assessment of what needs to be done and what methods will be used for asbestos removal.

Some asbestos removal involves removing the materials whereas another method might be to use encapsulants sprayed over the materials. This seals the materials so its fibers won’t release into the air.

Whatever your environmental needs, leave the job to Envirotex. They have been in business since 2000 and can handle any environmental issues you have within your home in Virginia Beach, VA. Whether you need mold removal, asbestos removal or testing done, they can help you.  

How to Test for Asbestos in Virginia Beach, VA

It is not recommended that homeowners in Virginia Beach, VA take their own samples to test for asbestos-containing materials. If you suspect your home has asbestos-containing materials call the professionals at Envirotex. They will send their professional team to your Virginia Beach, VA home and do a complete visual of the property and will take several samples of suspected asbestos materials.

There are a couple of different methods to test for asbestos in Virginia Beach, VA homes.

Bulk Asbestos Sampling

Taking a bulk sample for asbestos requires cutting out a small piece of the suspected material from your home in Virginia Beach. Typically, an asbestos professional will spray the material first with water prior to cutting to keep the asbestos fibers from going airborne. The piece of material is then sent to a laboratory to be analyzed. The surface that is left is then patched, sealed or covered to prevent future releases asbestos fibers into the air.

Air Asbestos Sampling

Another method often used to test for asbestos is air sampling. This is used if the asbestos-containing material has been disturbed in the Virginia Beach, VA home, or after asbestos removal to ensure that asbestos fibers were not released into the air. Air sampling is done by pumping air through a filter membrane the size of a quarter to collect asbestos fibers.

These samples will be sent to a third-party lab for analysis. Once the results come back, your environmental company will discuss where to go from there. If you indeed test positive for asbestos, a plan to remove all asbestos materials from the Virginia Beach, VA will be scheduled.

What precautions should be taken if you suspect asbestos?

  • Do not touch the asbestos-containing materials.
  • If in good shape, check often to see look for signs of wear or damage.
  • Limit access to the area where the asbestos is located in the home in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • Never hammer, saw, nail, sand, drill or scrape the asbestos materials.
  • Do not sweep or vacuum any debris that may contain asbestos.
  • Call a professional once you suspect asbestos in your Virginia Beach, VA home.

What Exactly is Asbestos Abatement in Virginia Beach, VA?

You might be wondering exactly what asbestos abatement is and how it might affect your Virginia Beach, VA home. If you live in an older home, built prior to the 1980s, and you are planning any remodeling, there are things you need to know about asbestos before you go and start tearing things apart.

First off, there were plenty of materials used back in those days which were used in construction for homes in Virginia Beach, VA that contained asbestos. Leaving asbestos-containing materials alone if they are in good condition is usually safe, but once you start tearing into drywall, pulling up old flooring, or replacing your roofing shingles, you need to make sure what they are made of. Normally, asbestos abatement is recommended before remodeling older homes in Virginia Beach, VA which contain asbestos materials.

If indeed you come across asbestos-containing materials, you might need asbestos abatement to either remove the asbestos or isolate or encapsulate the asbestos. Hiring a professional environmental company like Envirotex is your best and safest choice because this company has been in business since 2000 and is experienced in all things, asbestos.

Often the asbestos-containing materials in your Virginia Beach, VA home will become torn, cracked, cut, or damaged in some other way. When this happens, you should call in a professional asbestos abatement company.

Handling asbestos is something that should always be left up to the professionals. Trying to remove asbestos yourself could lead to releasing asbestos fibers into the air and causing you or one of your family members to become sick because of their exposure. Even the damaged asbestos-containing materials could be putting off enough fibers into the air, already causing health issues at your Virginia Beach, VA home.

A professional can determine which type of asbestos abatement would be best for your situation at your Virginia Beach, VA home. They can assess the problem and will either remove the asbestos or isolate or encapsulate the contamination. Whatever process they use and quite possibly both types of asbestos abatement will be used, you and your family will need to vacate the home until the abatement has been completed.

When Are Mold Inspections Needed in Virginia Beach, VA?

Some say once you see mold in homes in Virginia Beach, VA, you should have mold inspections performed by a licensed mold inspector. Some say if you see mold, you know it’s already there, so why have a mold inspection. All you have to do is remove the mold growth. Yes and no.  

Although you might see mold growth in your Virginia Beach, VA home, what about the mold growth that you might not be aware of? Quite possibly, if you see mold growth in several different places within the home, you have an issue and the only way to be sure if it is not hiding from you and you do not see all of it is to invest in a professional mold inspection and be safe.

Sometimes you might be experiencing a musty smell at your home in Virginia Beach, VA and can’t quite define where it is coming from. Quite possibly some members of your family could have symptoms of mold exposure which might include:

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Nasal congestion
  • A runny nose
  • Skin rash
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Watery, itchy or red eyes

Any of these symptoms could mean other health issues as well, but if the health issues continue and act up at during the more humid times of the year in Virginia Beach, VA, you could have a severe problem with mold growth.

When should a mold inspection be done?

  • If there is no visible sign of mold growth, but there is a distinct musty smell. Mold inspections and testing can discover if there is elevated mold and where it is located in the home in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • Your Virginia Beach, VA home has had plumbing leaks or other water issues, and you suspect mold growth may exist behind walls or in the air.
  • Once you have removed mold from your home, you should always have another mold inspection and testing to make sure the mold removal was done correctly and mold counts return to normal levels.
  • Health concerns as mentioned above.
  • If you are selling or buying a house, for your protection, it is best to have a mold inspection.

Mold inspections are needed to verify the cause of the mold growth in your Virginia Beach, VA home as well as its location. Whatever is contributing to the moisture at your home that causes the mold growth needs to be fixed as well as the mold removed from the home. All mold inspections and removal should be done by a professional environmental company such as Envirotex. Envirotex has the specialized equipment to do the job correctly.

Mold Removal Techniques for Homes in Virginia Beach, VA

There are several different techniques for mold removal. The best technique for your mold issues will depend largely on where the mold is growing in your Virginia Beach, VA home.

Scrubbing Non-porous Surfaces

Mold removal for surfaces such as tubs, sinks, toilets, metal, glass, and tile may be scrubbed with an antimicrobial cleaner that is available in most home improvement stores. This type of cleaner may also be used on concrete and brick surfaces, as well, but may be more difficult to clean. This type of cleaner will not work on porous surfaces such as drywall or carpet. Always wear a face mask and gloves for mold removal when using an antimicrobial cleaner. Follow the directions on the label carefully.

Removing and Replacing Porous Materials

Drywall, insulation ceiling tiles and carpets are porous materials. Other soft materials such as couch cushions and mattresses are most likely impossible to thoroughly clean. Once you remove the mold from these particular materials, microscopic mold spores can remain in the pores of these materials causing mold to regrow over the materials.

These materials must be removed and replaced to make sure mold spores don’t spread to other parts of the Virginia Beach, VA home which can expose your family to mold spores and cause health issues. Precautions must be taken by wearing safety gear such as gloves, disposable coveralls and facial masks. Heavy plastic sheeting should be used to section off work areas to keep mold spores from drifting into other areas of the Virginia Beach, VA home.

Moldy materials need to be sealed in heavy plastic bags before removing from the Virginia Beach, VA home. A HEPA filter vacuum should be used to clean up dust and small debris that can be left behind when removing drywall materials.

Wood is another porous material that should be removed if at all possible. Sometimes this isn’t possible. In that case, a mold removal professional sometimes will sand the wood to remove the mold.

Mold removal professionals in Virginia Beach, VA may also use a sealant that resembles paint to seal in the mold so it will not continue to grow. This is called encapsulation.

Homes in Virginia Beach, VA that are dealing with mold issues should call someone like Envirotex who has been in business since 2000. Envirotex has the experience to deal with environmental problems that include mold removal and testing, lead paint testing and remediation, and asbestos testing and remediation. Don’t take a chance with your family’s health; call (757) 918-0639 for all your environmental issues.

Guide to Mold Remediation in Virginia Beach, VA

Mold remediation for homes in Virginia Beach, VA can be an exceedingly difficult job and should only be left to the professionals if you have mold that covers an area of more than ten square feet or if your HVAC system has mold in it. Don’t expose yourself to health risks especially if you already have respiratory problems. Being around mold will only increase your risks for additional health problems.

Locating Mold in Virginia Beach, VA Homes

The first step to mold remediation is to locate all mold in your Virginia Beach, VA home. If you miss just a little bit of mold, it will only grow and spread again. The last thing you want is to have a full-blown mold issue on your hands again.

Having a professional such as Envirotex who has years of experience in environmental issues will guarantee no mold is left behind. This company has the equipment necessary to find mold even if you can’t visually see it. Mold can be hidden under carpets and behind walls. This is why it is extremely important that you hire a professional mold remediation company for any mold issues your Virginia Beach, VA home is experiencing.

Preparing Work Area for Mold Remediation in Virginia Beach, VA

Mold remediation specialists will prepare the work area. Areas for the mold remediation will be sealed off with sheets of heavy plastic to prevent mold spores from spreading to other areas of the Virginia Beach, VA home. Heating or air conditioning vents will be covered with plastic using tape.

Negative Pressure Set up in Work Area

Negative pressure will be set up in the work area. This causes the air to flow into the area but not out of the area which prevents mold spores from spreading from the work area.

Special Protective Gear

Mold remediation professionals will wear disposable protective clothing, face masks, and gloves and after the remediation is complete, they will safely discard.

Non-porous and Porous Material

Materials that are non-porous such as metal, tile sinks, bathtubs, countertops, will be cleaned with a special cleaner using a spray bottle and rag or scrub brush. Porous materials such as wood that cannot be removed from the Virginia Beach, VA home, will be cleaned and then left to dry. Once dry, these materials may be sanded. Sometimes a special sealant is painted on the area. This process is called encapsulation. The sealant seals the material so the mold will not continue to grow.

The source of where the mold is coming from needs to be addressed as well. If the carpet or drywall were removed, it would need to be replaced.

How Mold Testing is Performed at Virginia Beach, VA Homes

There are a lot of mold testing kits available at your local Virginia Beach, VA home improvement stores but these kits do not include a visual inspection conducted by a professional mold inspector such as Envirotex. Not only will Envirotex do a thorough visual inspection to detect issues and the problems that are related to any mold growth at your home in Virginia Beach, VA, but they will do professional sampling that will be sent to an independent lab for analysis.

Once the results from the mold testing are analyzed, Envirotex will then map out a plan of action to get rid of the mold and to correct any moisture problems that are encouraging mold growth at your Virginia Beach, VA home. Without fixing the cause, once the mold has been removed, it will only return.

Mold testing in Virginia Beach, VA is done by taking a sample of the air and/or of a surface.

Air Sample Mold Testing that uses spore traps is called a “spore trap sample.” Pumped air is forced into the collection device which impacts its sticky surface. This device catches the mold spores which are then sent to an independent lab for analysis.

Surface Sample Mold Testing is done in a variety of ways. The most common are—

  • Swab Samples: Similar to a cotton swab, the swab is rubbed across the surface areas in the Virginia Beach, VA home to be sampled and then sent to an independent mold testing lab for analysis.
  • Tape Samples: Mold testing is done with a clear piece of tape that is pressed against and removed from the surface being tested, picking up and removing some of the mold that is on the surface. This is then sent to an independent lab.
  • Bulk Samples: A piece of the area you want to be sampled is removed and sent to a mold testing lab to be analyzed.

The most common method an independent mold testing laboratory which analyzes mold samples taken from homes in Virginia Beach, VA is by transferring sections of the mold sample onto a microscope slide and adding a stain that the mold spores absorb. The sample is then evaluated for evidence of mold growth.