Precautions Virginia Beach, VA Residents Use to Prevent Mold Removal

Mold removal is more prevalent in humid climates and when you are close to the water such as in Virginia Beach, VA. People who enjoy the water often forget the precautions they should take to prevent mold growth.

Summertime in Virginia Beach, VA can be extremely humid. Since fall is coming, now is the time to be extra cautious about any mold growth that has formed over the summer months from wet bathing suits, towels, and blankets used for the beach. So often you come in from a day at the beach or lying around the swimming pool and continuously throw your swimming things in a pile on the floor.

Wet clothes after 24 hours, if not attended to, can cause mold growth which can spread and ruin the walls and floors of your Virginia Beach, VA home. It can ruin your clothes as well. A professional environmental company such as Envirotex can handle any environmental issues including but not limited to mold removal.

Precautions for Beach Goers and Poolsiders

  • Proper ventilation can deter mold from growing. Ensure you have plenty of fresh air indoors with good circulation by raising your windows on breezy, sunny days, keeping doors to other rooms ajar, keeping down on clutter and resist cramming furniture too close to the walls. These precautions can prevent the need for future mold removals.
  • Reduce condensation by keeping the indoor temperature higher and the humidity lower with added insulation. Mold breeds on surfaces covered with condensation such as metal pipes, concrete walls, and windows in homes in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • Utilize air conditioners and dehumidifiers to control the temperature indoor while keeping the humidity down. Being close to the beach for some is paradise, especially the vacationers. However, residents of Virginia Beach, VA should be aware that if they fail to take extra precautions during the humid, summer months, it could lead to the need for a professional mold removal. Wet bathing suits, plus extra showers to rinse off from the salty beach water or the chlorine from the pool, and additional damp towels laying around can cause extra moisture which could lead to mold growth.
  • You can save on expensive mold removals by hanging up wet towels and bathing suits to dry, preferably outside, and make sure you have the necessary ventilation throughout your Virginia Beach, VA home. If you allow mold growth to get out of hand and need help, call the experts at Envirotex for all your environmental needs including mold testing, mold removal, asbestos inspection and removal or lead-paint removal for homes in Virginia Beach, VA.

Symptoms That Signal a Need for Black Mold Removal in Alexandria, VA Homes

Black mold removal can be a problem for many homeowners in Alexandria, VA and predominately in high humid climates. Alexandria, VA with its extremely humid temperatures during the summers can play havoc to black mold growth.

The worst problem with mold growth can be black mold poisoning. This is something to avoid at all costs so you can protect your family. Envirotex Environmental Services are the experts in identifying all types of mold and in black mold removal as well as other environmental services including asbestos removal and remediation and lead-based paint removal.

Some common symptoms that might be signaling you that black mold removal is necessary for your home in Alexandria, VA could be –

  • Headaches can appear after inhaling black mold. You might begin to feel your head throbbing. This is your body’s way of telling you it is trying to fight off the spores entering the room.
  • Watery eyes and itchy throat are another warning that you have black mold growth somewhere at your house in Alexandria, VA which needs to be taken care of with a black mold removal.
  • Excessive coughing and mucus is another symptom that can be the result of black mold spores in your home.
  • A more severe problem of black mold poisoning is when your lungs begin to bleed.This can happen if you have been exposed to black mold for quite some time and your system can no longer fight it off. Black mold attaches itself to the lungs and begins causing inflammation and irritation, and if not treated properly or without having a black mold removal to rid your Alexandria, VA home of its mold infestation, severe damage to your lungs can result in your lungs bleeding.

Not all black mold is visible for you to see. Normally there will be a musty smell that will also warn you of mold that is growing in your home.

Now that you are aware of these common flu-like symptoms that could be signaling you that your home could have a mold problem, you should call the experts at Envirotex. Envirotex specializes in black mold removal, and they will also advise you on how to avoid mold growth from growing back once you have black mold removed from your home in Alexandria, VA.

You should never attempt black mold removal on your own from your Alexandria, VA home. To avoid health issues, call the professionals at Envirotex.