How to Make a Wise Choice When Selecting a Mold Company In Gainesville, VA

Once you find signs of mold growth at your Gainesville, VA home, it is crucial to hire a professional mold company. A certified Gainesville, VA mold company understands the potential hazards of mold exposure and the proper way to rid your home of dangerous mold growth. Mold is a health risk to you and your family. It is critical that you make a wise decision for hiring the right mold company on behalf of your Gainesville, VA home.

One of the common questions homeowners ask is how to find a mold company near them. Questions to ask when interviewing mold companies in Gainesville, VA include—

1. Do you believe mold is a potential health danger?

Mold companies should understand the toxic nature of indoor water damage. They should know what the term mycotoxin is and understand the difference between a mold allergy and a toxic reaction to a poisonous matter.

2. Do you suggest testing the environment of the home?

Mold testing at your home in Gainesville, VA should be done before and after any mold removal to determine if the removal was successful. This testing should be done from an outside source other than the mold company you are hiring to remove the mold.

3. Do you document your work?

A Gainesville, VA mold company should document all work with digital photos especially the materials that need to be removed. These should be available to their customers when the work has been completed.

4. Do you contain the area?

Properly containing the area is crucial. If the mold company implies, it is not necessary, dismiss them immediately. Containment at your Gainesville, VA home should include plastic sheeting and protection at the entrance to the containment site to avoid cross-contamination. A mold company should use negative air machines which are HEPA-filtered and exhausted outside the home.

5. Are you insured?

Make sure whichever mold company in Gainesville, VA you hire are insured. This could save you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Do you require your workers to wear protective gear?

The answer should be yes. Mold companies should make sure their workers are outfitted with proper hazmat suits, respirators, and safety glasses at all times. They should also wear disposable shoe covers onsite because foot traffic is a major cause of cross-contamination.

7. How do you dispose of contaminated materials?

Waste material should be bagged and disposed of immediate after the removal. These materials should never be stored on the job. Materials should be double-bagged to avoid cross-contamination of the first bag.

8. Do you wrap your equipment?

A Gainesville, VA mold company should always contain equipment such as air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums with fresh wrap before entering your home. This avoids equipment being contaminated from a previous job and could make your conditions worse.

Any reputable mold company in Gainesville, VA should be able to answer all of these questions without hesitation. If a company tries to dismiss your concerning questions, its time to move on to another mold company for your mold issues.

Only by asking questions can you make a wise decision about selecting a mold company for your home in Gainesville, VA. Remember mold is a hazardous material and by asking certain questions, you are protecting the health of your family.