How is Asbestos Siding in Marshall, VA a Hazard?

Homes in Marshall, VA built between the 1920s and 1980s can still be found with asbestos siding. Asbestos siding was made by adding asbestos, which is a naturally occurring mineral, to Portland cement. The cement was pressed into siding shingles which came in a variety of textures and sizes. This product was extremely durable, fire-resistant and easily absorbed paint.

When is asbestos siding on homes in Marshall, VA a hazard?

  • If asbestos siding on your home in Marshall, VA is being cut, drilled, or broken into small pieces
  • If an entire section of your asbestos siding is breaking, cracking or disintegrating
  • If you plan on removing the asbestos siding to replace with new siding

These common situations are when you need to be concerned about asbestos siding on your home in Marshall, VA. If your asbestos siding is intact and in good condition, you can paint the siding, or you can replace the siding by installing new over the old.

Asbestos siding is not necessarily a hazard if you decide to remove the siding from your Marshall, VA home. Asbestos is a major safety issue when large amounts of asbestos are removed from indoors, and proper equipment is not used to capture and collect the asbestos fibers released into the air. Even when asbestos siding shingles crack and break, it is far less dangerous because it is outside and few fibers are released.

If you suspect you have asbestos siding on your home in Marshall, VA, have an asbestos inspection performed or if it is in good condition, just leave it alone. If you have any questions, call a professional asbestos environmental company, and they can answer your questions and make recommendations.

Although asbestos siding on homes in Marshall, VA rank low on the list of asbestos-containing materials, care and proper removal procedures should be followed at all times. It is always best to call an environment company which is equipped and knowledgeable about the protocol of dealing with asbestos siding and other asbestos-containing materials.

How to Know When an Asbestos Removal in Winchester, VA is Necessary

Winchester, VA is known for its older homes and historic areas. If you ever pass a historic home where there is construction going on, likely an asbestos removal company was the first on the scene before any construction took place.

Most of these older homes have some type of asbestos-containing material in them, and an asbestos removal needs to be done first for the protection of the family and construction crew. Not all construction crews are trained in asbestos awareness which is why any homeowner in Winchester, VA who has an older home should always call in the professionals and have an asbestos inspection which might entail an asbestos removal before doing any remodeling.

If you are suspicious of asbestos in your home in Winchester, VA, do not touch it. Once you disturb asbestos in any way, it produces dust that contains asbestos fibers and this dust then gets released into the air which you breathe.

The presence of asbestos-containing materials in your home in Winchester, VA might not be an alarm if the material has not been damaged in any way. If it has not been damaged and shows no signs of wear and tear, you should be able to just to leave it in place. If it shows any damage or if it is in a high traffic area that family members will come in contact with daily, you might want to call in an asbestos removal professional in Winchester, VA and let them remove it to be safe.

Homeowners in Winchester, VA should never take it upon themselves to remove asbestos-containing materials. Proper equipment and clothing are required to properly and safely remove asbestos. An asbestos removal professional will wear special clothing, gloves, and respirators, some which are disposable to avoid further contamination.

They will take all necessary safety precautions which will include asking you and all family members to move out of your home in Winchester, VA until the complete asbestos removal has been done. Once the asbestos removal is complete and it is safe, you and your family will be allowed to move back into you Winchester, VA home.