The Process of Mold Inspections in Fairfax, VA

If you have humidity or condensation problems, moldy odors, roof leaks in the past or present, any plumbing leaks or any visible mold, you need to call in the professionals. Some molds cannot be seen by the human eye so having a mold inspection done at your Fairfax, VA, residence is the best way to see if indeed you have mold, the type of mold, and how much is lurking inside your home.

The process of mold inspections in Fairfax, VA may consist of:

Visual Inspection—A professional mold inspector will do a complete visual inspection of all areas of your home, locate potential water penetration, and search for any visible evidence of mold growth within the home. During an inspection in Fairfax, VA, a professional may use such devices as a moisture meter that detects moisture, a hydrometer to measure the humidity inside the home, borescopes so they can view inside sections of your walls, and laser thermometers to check surface temperatures and the operation of AC units. Digital photographs may also be taken to document your particular issues.
Samples—Sometimes mold cannot be seen visually and in that case, air samples must be taken for analysis. These samples are taken by using a pump which forces air through a collection device that catches mold spores. Surface samples are another form of mold testing taken with either a swab or tape lift when visible mold growth can be seen.
Sample Analysis—These air or surface samples are then sent to any independent lab for analysis.
Reporting—A written report of the findings, spore levels and types, and the inspector’s final conclusions and recommendations will be given to you.

After mold inspections in Fairfax, VA, the mold inspector will recommend a remediation protocol to completely remove all molds from the home. This should be done by a professional mold remediation company who has the proper tools and experience, license and certifications to properly remove the mold from your Fairfax, VA, home.

Mold inspectors will also give the homeowner recommendations to eliminate problems that are creating the mold within your home so that this issue will not be a problem in the future.

Mold Problem? How to Choose Mold Companies in Northern, VA

If you have a mold problem in your home in Northern, VA you will need to hire a mold company who can first detect what the problem is, do a thorough inspection, and then suggest a plan of action to get rid of the mold in your home. Selecting mold companies for your mold inspection should be your first step.

You should use the same process in finding a mold company in Northern, VA to do the initial inspection or the remediation just as you would in selecting a general contractor, plumber or an electrical contractor. How do you do that?

Word of Mouth

A good referral by a friend, neighbor, coworker, or family member will give you a place to start. Generally speaking, these people are not going to give you a referral that is not worthy of doing an outstanding job in their line of business.

Getting Quotes

Call some of your local mold companies and inquire over the phone about how much a mold inspection would cost. If they give you a price that includes a mandatory number of samples, that should be a RED FLAG.

Without the mold companies coming to your home in Northern, VA, it would be impossible for them to know how big a home you have, what the exact problem is in your home, or exactly how many samples they will have to collect during the inspection.

Make sure the mold companies you interview are using a separate laboratory which will be analyzing the samples collected from your home in Northern, VA.

Separate Mold Companies Who Do the Inspection and the Remediation

Hiring mold companies to do the initial inspection and the remediation could be a conflict of interest. To protect yourself, it is wise to have two separate mold companies so that the mold remediation company will not make the job larger that what it actually entails.

A certified and licensed mold inspector will assure you this doesn’t happen if he knows he will not be doing the remediation afterwards. Unless you know of mold companies that you have been referred to that do both, and they are someone without a doubt you can trust, the recommendation is that you use two separate mold companies to perform each job for your Northern, VA home.

Questions to Ask Mold Companies

  • What certifications do you have for mold inspections and/or mold remediation?
  • How many years of experience have you had performing mold inspections and/or mold remediations?
  • Can they give you a written report as to the analysis findings of the inspection and explain the results to you in layman’s terms?
  • Can they give you a written quote as to the damages and the plan of remediation? What all needs to be done to prevent further mold in your home?
  • Are they insured and can they provide you proof?
  • Is the mold inspector qualified to do a post-remedial testing?

Envirotex Environmental Service is a company who has been in the Northern, VA area since 2000. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality work at a cost effective price, keeping you and your family safe at all times above anything else.

We specialize in mold inspections, removal and remediation, asbestos abatement, and meth lab and clandestine drug lab cleanup. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to help you with your environmental needs.